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tv   News 7 at Noon  CBS  January 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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to roanoke. the jobs are coming to arkay packaging. the company will be investing 11 million dollars into it's operation in the area. the governor made the announcement within the past half hour. we'll have more details tonight on wdbj7. the governor is also set to announce a gun control deal with virginia lawmakers today. the agreement reverses an interpretation by state police and the attorney general that invalidates concealed carry permits from 25 other states. in return, republicans have agreed to require state police at gun shows to perform voluntary background checks on buyers. the deal would also keep guns out of the hands of people with permanent protective orders against them. it has to pass through the general assembly before it's official. authorities are continuing their search for a missing teenager from blacksburg today. nicole lovell was last seen in the lantern ridge area early wednesday morning. investigators say they aren't sure whether lovell ran away, or if someone took her. it's been more than 40 hours since she had her daily
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police say there will be an increased police presence in blacksburg because of the search. search effort yesterday. and more than 12- hundred searchers neighborhood to pass out fliers. a follow up now: the virginia department of health has lifted a boil water notice in wythe county. the boil water notice was issued after a water main break earlier this week that caused 200 thousand gallons of water to empty from a water tank near route 11. after multiple tests of the water, the health department has determined the water is safe. residents nearby are free to return to
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with some of these winds look at the wind us twenty nine mylan our wind us hot springs twenty eight bluefield thirty 32 in galax with the roanoke. the last wind us thirty six miles an are you take the temperature take the wind us look what it feels like out there right now would talk about the warm weather this weekend but still been a get through this afternoon feels against only eleven in hot springs at this lunch hour eighteen bluefield feels like it's twenty three and louisburg only 29 roanoke 24 galax feels like it's thirty three is you had outside in the lynchburg area because of those strong gusty winds should weather service continues would wind advisories until for clock this afternoon for gracing county down into the north carolina mountains these aviaries we could see those wind us forty forty five miles
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twenty five to thirty five mylan our range and kimberly as we head through the afternoon especially late today through the evening those winds will begin to subside shift out of the south heading out of the south today, after last night's debate with a noticeably absent donald trump. as marlie hall reports from des moines, trump held his own event just a few miles away. fox news debate mandatory credit "courtesy of fox news channel" 7 day use only expires 2/4/16 at 11pmet. (see restrictions tab for full debate restrictions) new jersey governor chris christie was one of the first gop candidates back out on the campaign trail this morning following last night's "trumpless" debate in des moines. gop frontrunner donald trump had bowed out in his ongoing feud with fox news.. (sot - megyn kelly let's address the elephant not in the room. he appeared at his own event about five minutes away. in nashua, new hampshire this morning.. donald trump tried to rally more support. (sot: trump) you gotta be strong.. gotta be tough.. you can't let 'em push you around last night at center stage
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time - and running neck and neck with trump in iowa - ted cruz, became a target. (sot: cruz) gosh, if you guys ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. this morning.. dr. ben carson gave his own performance high marks: sot: ben carson i probably had the least amount of time but i probably had the most substance. bridge some political pundits say chris christie gave a solid debate performance last night, but the new jersey governor is way behind in the polls and will likely have an uphill battle here in iowa. christie asked potential supporters this morning to tell their neighbors why he should get their vote. (sot christie) "he is the most tested person on that stage.. most ready. voters like roger ediger, have been following events closely: 48:57 hope it's not trump. the candidates have their hands full with last minute campaigning this weekend.. and the long awaited first in the nation caucus begins monday. marlie hall, cbs news, des moines, iowa. an iranian drone got a closer look at a
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that's according to its government run television station. while american leaders are declining to comment, the report says the drone flight happened today during an already tense time between iran and the u.s. in the persian gulf. the station's website claims it published footage of the drone's flight, which shows the launch and what appears to be the drone flying over the aircraft carrier. more than 20 crew members are safe after they were rescued from a panamanian cargo ship that was drifting in the bay of biscay. it happened after stormy seas shifted the weight of the ship, causing it to lean to one side. yesterday, spanish helicopters were able to save all 22 crew members. the ship's owners have hired a salvage company to bring in the ship. we're seeing new video from the fbi that shows the deadly shooting of one of the men who led the occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. recorded from an airplane, the video shows lavoy finicum behind the wheel of this white during a traffic stop. truck tries to avoid a roadblock, narrowly missing an fbi agent.
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seen getting out with his hands up. but he then reaches in his pocket, where the fbi says a gun was later found. trooper then opened fire, killing finicum. greg agent in charge, fbi video clearly shows it was a reckless the consequences that you've seen here today" finicum was one of people who seized the malheur national wildlife refuge on january 2nd. the militia are still holed up inside the refuge. the fbi is them. a female teacher is accused of helping three men break out of a southern california jail. she's among 10 people under arrest. the woman got to know one of the escaped inmates as his english tutor inside the jail. ben tracy has the latest on the search for the fugitives. jailers say jonathan tieu (pron: two) bac duong (pron: bach dong) and hossein nayeri (pron: knee-air- ee)... had help... from a tutor. nooshafarian ravaghi (new- shaf-erin rah-vagh-hee) taught 'english as a second language' inside the maximum
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believe the 44 friendship with ee). there relationship that developed but how far it went and whether it was physical or not we're still trying to confirm that." jeff hallock with the orange county sheriff's department said she provided "tools for planning" like google maps. (cr0601 hallock 19:03:51) "i don't know exactly what she knew in terms of his plans to escape but we do know she provided him some information." hallock said thursday authorities believe the men may be living inside a white utility vehicle. they believe bac duong (bach dong) stole the van sunday after taking it for a test drive near los angeles. just after last friday's 5 am head- count... the men managed to cut their way through a steel screen and snake through plumbing tunnels. they weren't reported missing until roughly 16 hours after they rappeled to freedom from the jailhouse roof. ravaghi's (rah- vahg-hee) alleged involvement in this jailbreak has echoes... (nat pop) ...of last summer's upstate new manhunt for two escaped prison employee joyce guilty to smuggling in
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and david sweat used to break out of the prison. and that was ben tracy reporting. police in roanoke want the community to know about a growing drug problem. and even if you have to juggle a few things around, you might want to clear your schedule
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weekend. charges in the the arrests were
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"operation deep freeze," which is conducted quarterly throughout the region, targets illegal narcotic manufacturing, possession and trafficking the 67 people combined have 188 charges for drugs. more people are dying of drug overdoses in our region. virginia commonwealth university researchers say virginia recorded nearly a- thousand fatal drug overdoses in 20-14, most involving prescription painkillers or heroin. the researchers say overdoses kill nearly three times as many virginians every year as homicides to. those deaths especially prevalent in southwest and southside virginia, hampton roads and greater richmond. because of those statistics, local drug prevention experts are trying to get the word out about the dangers of heroin. wdbj7's christian heilman was at a meeting where roanoke leaders sounded the alarm. executive director, council nancy hans with prevention council says they've seen a rise in heroin usage over the last executive director, council "we know that it is easily accessed, it's cheap and
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drugs." chris perkins, roanoke chief of police "black market prescritpion drugs are very expensive. heroin is very cheap. " roanoke's police chief says you can buy a single packet of heroin for as little as five dollars in pennsylvania and new jersey. he says people then turn around and sell it in the roanoke valley for $20. chris perkins, roanoke chief of police "the profitability is what is attractive, but what we find is once people get hooked they're using that profitabilty to support their own habit. " he joined the prevention council at this thursday night meeting. he was there to help educate parents about how widespread the problem is. anti-drug coalitions say 1 in 14 teenagers in the roanoke valley have used heroin at least once in their life. chris perkins, roanoke chief of police "it's mind-boggling and they're being addicted in so many ways. " taylor powell, 12th grade "a lot of these adult problems have kid consequences " taylor powell and lidya tadesse are high school seniors who came up with the idea for thursday's program. lidya tadesse, 12th grade "we can really make a difference and the best way to do that is educating and having an open dialogue. " about two dozen people attended.
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discussion to serve as a start to more meaningful talks. nancy hans, executive director, prevention council "i look at that as here's an opportunity -- there are new faces in there. so we want to continue to build on all of this." christian heilman, wdbj7 if you're interested in hosting an event, you can get in touch with the roanoke alliance. we have a link to their website on ours, wdbj 7-dot-com. now let's take a look at what's hot on wdbj7-dot-com. people are buzzing about this story -- an elderly woman in miami woke up to quite a surprise when she found an exotic animal caressing her face. the botetourt county board of supervisors is creating a preservation advisory committee to help with the relocation of two slave houses on the former greenfield plantation. there have been a lot of debates over the relocation. and a salem woman won a million dollars in the powerball drawing earlier this month. the mother of four said she and her
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children. are you in need of a flu shot? new research at virginia tech shows who should be getting ittle shocking right there just like the weather up there shocking ly lot got it blustery and cold will have a nice warm up this week and the we can get through today would've this wintergreen everybody's out on the slopes enjoying the afternoon every once in while couple snow showers drive through that location as he head over toward with bill looking out from wytheville community college still a nice snowpack we are seeing some blue sky
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my first alert forecastlooking out live through our mill mountain camera this afternoon a panacea jump in around there that is the wind on top mill mountain out on the camera around finding blustery conditions all across the region he can see sustain winds this morning were in the single digits to teens but now as we head it later into the morning to writenow into the early afternoon would a see some of those wind us twenty five thirty 2535 miles an are thirty five to forty five mylan our wind us and then later today it's can a start to drop off once again mainly as he head through the late-night hours through the overnight temperatures right now thirty nine 39 roanoke 33 louisburg 26 hot springs forty three around smith mountlake thirty four galax and thirty four in the with bill area but
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yeah the wind feeling colder than that more like the teens and twenties so bundle up showers. not as numerous as this morning but still over in the mountains a west virginia they will continue through the afternoon hours later this afternoon most of it will begin to shut down so again if you're out about see a snow flurry or quick snow shower don't be surprised that little clipper system still driving through the area not much going on now we are one more little batch it's can a try to drive to the south and east a the early afternoon hours later today though things quiet down still finding winter weather drive-through is western highland county as he head through the afternoon and then in the evening that kino falls apart as well is would a see clearing skies throughout the area over the next twenty four hours so again partly sunny with flurries early on an and clearing skies as we had overnight temperatures dropping back down into the mid and upper twenties as that clipper system continues to move toward the south and east and then high-pressure will take it's place you missed more in the way of sunshine tonight mostly clearing cold
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low and middle twenties an and tomorrow a strong southerly flow will begin that warming process today were in the 30s tomorrow would a be topping out low to mid fifties is you had toward sunday mid to upper fifties arty closing in on sixty for some monday would be surprised see a few low to mid sixties in around the region locally though tomorrow not too bad ronald thing castle lexington low fifties mostly sunny lynchburg loving stint appomattox low 50s head toward southern virginia gretna danville south boston over the martinsville area low to mid fifties should end up mostly sunny would just a light breeze. nothing like today newer valley southwest evening you getting in on the action upper forties low fifties from floyd over toward pure lasky up toward the highlands greenbrier valley west virginia monterey hot springs covington all in the forties more like the mid to upper forties for you nearing fifty new castle mostly sunny as well by the afternoon and your first alert wtvj seven day planner check it out saturday and sunday mid to upper fifties some areas on sunday may arty be teetering would
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looking all that bad can't loud astray showers week system bumps into the mountains 62 groundhog day tuesday could see a shower late as he sees his shadow is any will have to wait-and-see and sunday even a chance for a rumble of thunder as a strong cold front moves through after that front wednesday look sick temperatures return to the thirties to 30s to near 40 by the and next flu shot? new research at virginia tech shows who should be getting immunized to prevent a spread of the virus. is a professor who tech's biocomplexity institute. used a computer simulation of the new river valley to follow how influenza spreads through a community. finding who has the others for long achla marathe/ agricultural and applied biocomplexity institute: "it's really households who number of contacts." has already been published so communities could begin implementing
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based on her findings. there's disappointing news for people trying to lose weight. and women suffering from a lack risk for developing diabetes. jamie yuccas has those stories and more in today's hometown health. new research from harvard suggests women who have difficulties develop type 2 diabetes. doctors tracked more than patients. they found women with numerous sleep problems.. such as snoring and waking frequently... were up to four times more likely to develop the condition. just working out may not be enough to take off that extra weight. that's according to researchers at city university of new york. they found that people don't necessarily burn extra calories even if they exercise more.. and that focus on diet is also needed. and doctors at johns hopkins say people trying to learn a new skill.. on the computer, for example.. do better when they change things up slightly
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scientists say the process of combining new knowledge with memory is key to developing stronger motor skills. those are some of the day's top health stories. jamie yuccas, cbs news, new york. changes are coming to roanoke's explore park and people from the community are helping! we'll take a look at
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it's time for the 58th circus is set for performances tonight and this weekend at the berglund center. the dozens of performers hope you'll come out to support them, and say their show is more than just a show. (kevin venardos/ring master):"it's not just the value of the experience that you have here when youi're riding the rides, taking an elephant ride, or seeing these amazing performers do their thing, but that shared experience it makes memories, it really does, and that stuff stays with you forever." the shrine circus does use animals in their shows and our cameras got a chance to look at where they're kept.
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animal holding areas exceed federal regulations and are the best in the business. he also says the circus works very closely with local animal inspectors. after months of talks, there is finally a new plan for roanoke county's explore park. wdbj7's khiree stewart tells us what residents think of the new plan. jim hoover loves explore park. 11:03:17 - 11:03:23 "the old settings, the displays and exhibits they use to do. it just feels like a piece of history." he and his wife are one of dozens of people at the vinton war memorial to view and comment on the most recent plan for the park. over the last few months, park leaders collected feedback from hundreds of people online and at community meetings to come up with this plan. 11:12:44 - 11:12:57 "people want to have overnight camping, they want to have cabins, they want to have zip lines and ropes courses, they want to have more river access, they want to be able to put their kayaks and canoes in and out of the river at more points." doug blount is the director of parks and recreation for roanoke county. he says ideas from the public are important... because the changes they make to the
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impact on the surrounding community. 11:14:56 - 11:15:14 "this is a very special opportunity, that's why we think it's very important to get all of our citizens comments and see how they think that we're doing, because we think we have an opportunity not only to create such a great park for our citizens but it can also be a destination to bring tourist to the roanoke valley." blount said they'll decided whether to make adjustments to the plan based on the comments they receive here. they will take the finished plan to the board of supervisors later this year for their review... and hope to implement it next fall. 11:06:48 - 11:07:03 "we just need stuff here in this area. we have lots of stuff around here that people need to come see anyway, but explore park is just a explode and i hope it khiree stewart, wdbj7 night's meeting, leaders plan to hold another on tuesday at the south county library. he may be small but one kid in tennessee is making a big name for
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snow! points. snow plows and salt trucks are hitting the road in tennessee to clean up from a snow storm there this week. but one plow driver is getting some special attention. curry is using his own small bulldozer of his own. what he's lacking in size - he makes up for - in speed. in between snow balls- sledding - and snowman building with his sister - sam is taking care of business. his parents got him the vehicle for his birthday. blustery and cold conditions this afternoon with a passing flurry or snow shower. we'll really start warming up tomorrow as highs get back into the 50s. thanks for watching your hometown
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